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Andrea Drew, a Certified Public Accountant, is the founding principal of Drew Consulting Inc. 

Andrea holds 20+ years diverse experience in providing "typical" CPA-related business advisory, assurance and taxation experience to a wide array of clients in the private (refuse and recycling, water utility, manufacturing, hospitality, and real estate), public (mining and technology SEC and TSX-V reporting), government (local state and special district) and not-for-profit organizations (recreation and commerce). 

Additionally, Andrea has also managed accounting, grant compliance, grant administration and grant reporting,  for over $13-million in federal, state and privately funded programs in the Lake Tahoe area.

This unique blend of experience, allows Andrea and our firm to successfully provide clients with "Full Cycle Compliance Services". 

How do we measure success? Beyond testimonials, success is the achievement of clean, "Unqualified" fiscal and Single audits when systems and processes are put to the test at year end by our clients' external auditors.

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"2018 Best Moments"

"While many might think that financial reporting and accounting practices are black and white, I find that I really enjoy complex situations that require creativity to resolve.

That was the case with one of our Special District client organizations. 

Together, among other achievements, we revamped the Districts’ entire accounting and compliance system (including the development and implementation of a Quickbooks' accounting system, development of a centralized electronic accounting and compliance filing system, development of several compliance and contracting documents, policies and manuals), increased their indirect cost rate income generation by over 17%, assisted in the implementation of a new grant program, developed budgeting tools to assist management in budgeting and decision making processes, and streamlined internal audit processes that sought to minimize external audit entries to three high level GASB reporting items alone.

This success story is just one of many examples to how Drew Consulting Inc. brings home the win on "Full Cycle Financial Compliance" services. We look forward to bringing this success to you!"

Andrea Drew